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SMS School Management System

SMS provides an integrated system for supporting the following features

Admissions Management

Consolidate information for each candidate throughout the admission process (Main Data - Interviews Details - Rejection or acceptance). Store all historical information and leverage on it and extract the required reports to the school administration.

Student Affairs

Store and retrieve all up-to-date, students-related information (basic profile, student history, stage, class, etc.) on a centralized database that can be accessed anywhere, anytime to take decisions and extract the required reports to the school administration or educational administration.

Attendance Management

Registertion for students attendance and absence. Keeping such a register can assist schools calculate the okay and also automate the method of students evaluation.

Exams Management

Examination is a tough job for most schools. It includes the calculation of the validity of the test, the creation of query documents, the assignment of schools and the assessment of results. But, MS school management system, you can leverage the advantages of review leadership.

HR Management

This module of the school management system allows school to have a unified staff database and to properly handle it. It may also retain the employee profile with all required data–communication details, dependent data, educational details, job background, and more.

Finance Affairs

Is an essential component of service tax leadership technology. It does a number of duties straight from creating a payment schedule to categorizing learners under single or various payment schemes, producing tuition payments, creating accounts, and more.

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